Who’s Your Mama

*NOTE: Recording/interviewing is currently on break right now, while I create the companion Workbook for (Re)Discovery! Learn more about that project by clicking here. And please help me collect some anonymous “market research” by completing (and sharing) this little survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SPGMH7T

A biweekly* podcast dedicated to creative mamas! Each episode features chats with inspiring women who are balancing motherhood while still pursuing the things they love, both personally and professionally. Join host Corinne Mockler, a fellow mama living the struggle, as she gathers pearls of wisdom from ladies who are conquering the challenge of maintaining a creative identity while raising a family. Let’s reclaim our talents, hobbies and authentic selves together!

In short, Who’s Your Mama is about THIS.

BE ON THE SHOW: If you know (or, if you ARE) a mama who is making time for what makes her soul sing, I would be honored to have you on the show. I’m currently accepting submissions for Season 2, with a focus on mamas who encourage other mamas to use their creativity and speak their truth, through websites, podcasts, community centers, summits, etc (“conversation keepers” if you will)…but regardless of whether that describes what you’re doing exactly, you should apply: Use this submission form or email me at yourmamapodcast [at] gmail [dot] com

Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, and don’t forget to leave a glowing review! (Handy how-to guides for both subscribing and reviewing can be found HERE)

Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter for show updates and links to other women rockin’ it out there in the world!

Who’s behind all of this?

Me, Corinne, your host, curator, and producer… in standard tropical flair:

I work full-time as a graphic designer Who’s Your Mama is simply a project I felt passionate enough about to bring to life and share with the world. If you like what I’m doing and want to support the cause of mama’s voices being heard, I would be so grateful for your support!

I am also grateful for family and friends (and new friends I’ve made through this show!) who have patiently and enthusiastically supported this adventure – thank you all!

And, of course, thank you to Morticia, patron saint of Who’s Your Mama:

1016460_10204455211236052_178198678159685731_n 1378640_10204455211716064_3721861224393133990_n 1609962_10204455212116074_8648236631543513309_n

[Above images of Morticia from Addams Family Values (1993)]

All content © 2015-2018 Who’s Your Mama/Corinne Mockler. Please contact me (at the email address above) with any reproduction requests.


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