The Who’s Your Mama podcast archive (for your binge-listening pleasure):

Season 1

Episode 1: Kristen Taylor & Liz Price-Kellogg – authors of For the Love of Food & Yoga and creators of Live Yum

Ep 2: Dr. Tamara Avant – Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at South University

Ep 3: Stacy Zarin Goldberg – photographer of food, interiors, architecture and portraiture

Ep 4: Grey Catsidhe – blogger at The Ditzy Druid and co-founder of the Northern Rivers Grove

Ep 5: Savannah Patraw – Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer & Half-Marathon Runner

Ep 6: Dr. Jocelyn Mitchell – Assistant Professor in Residence at Northwestern University, Qatar

Ep 7: Bev Feldman – jewelry designer/blogger at Linkouture, and creator of the self-care workbook, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

Ep 8: Andrea Masters – runner and Assistant Director of Wellness at the University of Toledo

Ep 9: Kate Fisher – ceramicist, up-cyclist and creator of the Both Artist and Mother project

Ep 10: Lauren Bercovitch – filmmaker, producer & blogger at Grown Up Party and Grown Up Party TV, and director of the recently released short film, Big Lew

Ep 11: Delanie Holton-Fessler – artist, former teacher and co-creator of The Craftsman & Apprentice, in Denver, Colorado

Ep 12: Kelly Diels – Copywriter, Marketing Communications Specialist, Blogger, and (in the opinion of this podcaster) Highly Qualified Promoter of the F word

Ep 13: Sarah Cottrell – author, blogger at Housewife Plus, Bangor Daily News, Scary Mommy and elsewhere, and producer of the 2015 Listen to Your Mother show in Bangor, Maine

Ep 14: Rhea Pechter – artist, author and creator of the Little Stories for Tiny People podcast, which features original audio stories lovingly written and humorously performed by Rhea herself

Ep 15: Amber Hobbins – former teacher turned professional nanny and family road-tripper extraordinaire

Ep 16: Britney Gardner – national brand strategist, personal branding photographer and host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast

Ep 17: Molly O’Rourke – Owner of One & Supp, a floral and event design studio located in Midcoast Maine

Ep 18: Shira Richter – Interdisciplinary Visual Artist working to unapologetically increase awareness to the feminist politics of motherhood

Ep 19: Kelly Covert – co-owner of the Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast and Transformational Coaching Company

Ep 20: Lisa Porter – CEO and founder of The Women’s Coaching Academy, and the newly rebranded Spark and Profit coaching company and companion podcast

Ep 21: Kathleen Harper – certified life coach for mamas and author of The Well-Crafted Mom