Favorite Podcasts

As a busy mom, podcasts are my primary source of media consumption nowadays (besides Netflix-binging, #realtalk). Below are the podcasts I love enough to listen religiously and subscribe to. I tend to lean toward female hosted/co-hosted shows in interview format (big surprise!), with my favorite topics being spirituality/woo-woo, motherhood, feminism, design/creativity, horror/true-crime, general audible ephemera and long-form storytelling…get ready to fall into the rabbit hole:

Untame the Wild Soul with Elizabeth DiAlto (One of the first “breadcrumbs” I followed to begin reconnecting with myself…Elizabeth also offers one-on-one coaching, weekend intensives, leadership council and various virtual programs including her Wild Soul Insiders and Wild Soul Movement – check out her website and her incredible fb community to “Untame Yourself”)

Untangled with Alana Helbig (Love love LOVE listening to Alana and her guests, like comforting – but energizing – tea for your ears! Alana also recently started a fb community that I’ve been feeling a lot of personal connection with. Be sure to also check out Alana’s new Podcast with Heart – which also has a fb community – and the backlog of her original She Makes Magic)

Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women with Rachael Alaia (A new interview-format woo-woo love-fest discovery for me, but a keeper! Currently on mat-leave hiatus, but I’m sure she’ll be back in some incarnation eventually)

Mother’s Quest with Julie Neale (appeared around a milestone birthday as a “spark” of inspiration for coach Julie Neale, and quickly became her “for-purpose” venture, Mother’s Quest, provides inspiration, coaching and community so other mothers can live their E.P.I.C. lives: Engaged, Passionate, Invested, Connected. Powerful stuff!)

Raising Women with Johanna Rossi (“a girl gang of like minded women sharing their stories of navigating motherhood and solving the mystery of becoming their authentic selves” – my kind of people)

Happiness Mama: From Striving to Thriving with Heather Ash (another new discovery – great guests, MY kind of subject matter…and I have to admit how much I adore a deep southern accent! I think I’ve found my soul-mama <3)

One Bad Mother with Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn (the podcast – more specifically, the facebook group dedicated to the podcast – that inspired me to get into podcasting in the first place)

The Longest Shortest Time with Hillary Frank (another OG subscription – and I find myself skipping around more nowadays than listening to every new episode – but definitely worth it to subscribe for the excellent storytelling)

The Boss Mom Podcast with Dana Malstaff (Dana is a legit empire, and also the “mother” of an amazingly supportive fb group)

Stuff Mom Never Told You with Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin (I wish Cristen and Caroline lived down the street so I could bullshit with them over Hot Toddies and Netflix*) UPDATE: C&C have stepped away from the SMNTY podcast (sniff), BUT…have now launched their own feminist media company as they work on a book (!) – for now, I’m contented with their amazeballs newsletter.

She + Her with Anita Rao and Sandra Davidson (*see above, with a Southern Spin)

The Girl Gang Conversations with Sarah Starrs (another new delightful discovery…and I’ve been joyfully binge-listening ever since)

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (and if you haven’t already, buy the book…and follow her on fb…seriously)

She Explores with Gale Straub (as someone who’s happy place is a trail in the woods, this podcast is the epitome of #lifegoals)

The Dr. Wayne Dyer Podcast (You know. And all the things)

Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft (Again, all the things)

An Unscripted Woman with Lael Couper Jepson (Following the breadcrumbs further led me to Lael, her amazing book, Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer – which she’s reading/riffing on in this podcast – and her upcoming Women’s Circle …which is just one of the many ways you can “put some skin in the game” and work with Lael!)

The Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast with Kelly Covert and Maggie Quinn (Kelly was my guest on episode 19, but there are so many incredible offerings from the Strong Body Whole Heart universe – including a FREE work/life balance webinar on October 5th)

The Know Like & Trust Show with Britney Gardner (Britney was my guest on episode 16, and our conversation was actually the spark that inspired me to start creating the Who’s Your Mama “personal branding guide” – more info coming soon!)

Note to Self with Manoush Zomorodi (love this show, and also very much appreciate that Manoush and co. were gracious enough to include Who’s Your Mama in “A Magnificent List of 111 Female-Hosted Podcasts (and Counting)” back in April 2016)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry (Design #nerdalert! I’m a graphic designer IRL, so listening to Todd Henry + guests riff on design and creativity really blows my skirt up…actually, I think I would gladly listen to Todd read the dictionary…but seriously, dude knows what he’s talking about)

The Creative Imposter with Andrea Klunder (love her style, format, self-deprication…but also self-awareness. Andrea is all of us.)


Work in Progress from Slack (as a firm believer in the idea that no experience is wasted – despite what old-school, have-the-same-job-til-ya-die-ers say, I love hearing stories of how following the breadcrumbs has led people to where they were meant to be)

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. with Tiffany Han (an accidental inspiration for my podcast…simply because listening made me want to hear what moms specifically were doing to feed their creativity)

The Broad Experience with Ashley Milne-Tyte (Britsh broad who tells it straight. This is reality for women in the workplace)

She Podcasts with Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman (Highly recommended for any woman interested in podcasting – the fb group is a goldmine of knowledge and support as well!)

99% Invisible with Roman Mars (More #designnerd. More silky-voiced men)

TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz (FINALLY – a way to “watch” TED Talks and work!)

Ungeniused with Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley (FINALLY – a way to fall into a Wiki-hole and work!)


SideDoor from The Smithsonian (more ephemera, more rabbit-holes)

FOUND with Davy Rothbart (Remember Found Magazine?? Yeah, this is that in audio format)


Love Maine Radio with Dr. Lisa Belisle (Hometown pride)

The Bowery Boys with Greg Young and Tom Meyers (Adopted hometown pride)


Revisionist History with Malcom Gladwell (a “serial-style” show – 10 weeks of reinterpreting something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. Plus, Malcom Gladwell.)

You Must Remember This with Karina Longworth (For Old Hollywood nerds)

Everything Is Stories produced by Garrett Crowe, Mike Martinez and Tyler Wray (unfortunately, it’s been a while since a new episode was posted…but the archive is well worth listening and re-listening to)

Tanis with Nic Silver and Meerkatnip (I’ve only dipped a toe into the serialized fiction world of podcasts, but this one really kept my interest)

Lore with Aaron Mahnke (This wildly popular show is a good way to dive into the “real” stories behind historical lore)

Criminal with Phoebe Judge (I love this show…and I also love “flagging” every commentor on iTunes who complains about Phoebe Judge’s lisp – WOMEN’S VOICES ARE HERE PEOPLE, GET USED TO IT!)

If you don’t already subscribe to these podcasts, you should…and if you already do, be sure to leave a glowing review – both actions are the best way to support your favorite shows (and help others discover them)!